Andy Warhol's Index Book

- A complete and very good copy of this legendary artist book

New York, Random House, 1967.

Pap., 28 x 23 cms, lavishly illustrated. Complete and in good condition.  


- Pop-up castle complete and fully functioning

- Red paper accordion complete (but silent)

- Plane pop-up complete and fully functioning

Chelsea Girls paper wheel on spring complete  

Lou Reed picture disc record complete (never been removed) and in very good condition

- Rainbow nose with pink overlay complete and fully functioning

- Hunt’s Tomato Can pop-up fully functioning

- All eight square tear-offs on the ‘In for a big surprise’ page present, including four with the imprint ‘Andy Warhol’

-  Balloon stuck between two pages, as usual, with offsetting on the next page 


A very good copy of this legendary artist book