The Thoughts of Gilbert and George

- LP, signed, ed. 2000

New York, MOMA, 2016

LP, in gatefold sleeve, with curator's note by David Platker. SIGNED by the artists and numbered on inside sleeve. Copy may have a different number from the one shown in the photos.

G&G revisit their first mature work The Singing Sculpture from 1969, singing withdiscuss the process of its creation in their studio in what is meant to be experienced like an “old-time radio show”.

- Although the record is still in its original shrinkwrap and has never been opened, there is some slight damage visible to the upper edge of the cover that contains the record. As this same flaw was noted by several international sellers, under the same conditions, it would appear it was caused in the production process. Consequently, the record is sold 'as is'.