Op losse schroeven - situaties en cryptostructuren

-Legendary catalogue containing works by Anselmo, d'Armagnac, Boezem, Calzolari, Dibbets, Van Elk, Pieter Engels, Flanagan, Jalass, Koetsier, Mc Lean, Merz, Nauman, Panamarenko, Ryman, Simonetti, Weiner, Zorio and many others.  

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 1969. 457.

Pap., 27.5 x 21 cms, 64 & 58 pp, illustrations in bl/w. Three stiff printed ozalith sheets affixed at the edges to form a folding portfolio with two sets of sheets stapled and bradbound within; each set is approximately 64 pages.

- In good condition, with some faint foxing of front cover and some oxidation on the brads