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- With original contributions by 30 artists, including Joseph Beuys, Ben Vautier, Christo, Arnulf \rainer, Dieter Roth and many others

Hasselt, Provinciaal Museum, 1981. First and only edition. Edition of 500 copies.



Boards in faux leather with gilt lettering, 30.5 x 21.5 cms, unpaginated. ontributions by R. Jacks, W. van Amen, C. Andre, J. Beuys, M. Boezem, C. Boltanski, D. Buren, M. Cardena, Christo, R. Crozier, G. Van Dijk, P. Engels, H. Eijkelboom, K. Friedman, A. Gerritsen, K. Gubbels, W. Gijzen, R. Hamilton, D. Higgins, T. Mew, M. Nannucci, R. Nonas, A. Rainer, D. Roth, Y. De Smet, A. Souza, E. Tot, T. Ulrichs, B. Vautier and W. Vostell.

Thirty artists were invited to design one page for this book. Some sent five-hundred works, others sent an idea which was executed in every copy.

More photographs on request

- In good condition